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Clean environment link to diabetes offers vaccine hope; 2014

Horizon 2020; 2014

The Washington Post; 2014

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Pan European Networks: Science and Technology; 2013; 6: 144-147

The Unintended (and Deadly) Consequences of Living
in the Industrialized World; 25.3.2013

Euronews/Futuris: The Diabetes Puzzle; 11.1.2012

The meeting with the Minister of Health, Karelian Republic of Russia in; 6.4.2009




Investigators Meeting in Espoo

February 2014

Espoo1   Espoo2
When the Study proceeds the more interesting presentations were heard.  

Each Working Pakage was presented. The natural history of allergy was presended by Professor Erica von Mutius

Espoo3   Espoo4
Intestinal microbiome and metagenomics in DIABIMMUNE subcohorts were presended by
Professor Ramnik Xavier
Professor Mikael Knip was awarded a certificate of honour for developing the health care of the children in Russan Carelia by Dr Sergei Mokurov from Ministry of Health and Social Development, Karelian Republic of Russia.


Investigators Meeting in Groningen

May 2013

Principal Investigator Mikael Knip presents the autoantibody results of the Birth Cohort.
Professor Outi Vaarala answers the questions of T-cell alalyzes.
Our host Dr. Hermie Harmsen (standing) from Rijksuniversiteit Groningen..
The members of the meeting on the bridge on the counrtyside of Groningen.
Admiring the landscape and the idyllic imprssion of Piloersemaborg
Our dinnerplace in Piloersmaborg was very old farmhouse.


Investigators Meeting in St. Petersburg

May 2012


Most of the participants used the fast train Allegro from Helsinki to St. Petersburg.
The State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia.
Get together dinner in restaurant Barbaresco Italiana.
The meeting is starting.
Tarto delegation announced that Professor Mikael Knip will be awarded a Honorary Doctorate (Doctor Honoris Causa) at the Univerisity of Tarto.
Arriving back to Finlandsky railway
station in St.Petersburg for return trip to Helsinki.



Investigators Meeting in Majvik, Kirkkonummi

June 2011

Listening carefully of the interesting presentations like . . .  

Professor Tari Haahtela: Overall aims are to characterize the timing of the appearance of the first signs of allergy, to compare the frequency of asthma, hay fever and eczema in the Birth -and Young Children cohorts and to compare the allergic outcomes related to the environmental exposure.



Professor Raivo Uibo: The task is to detect the occurrence of celiac diseases related and other organ-specific autoantibodies in the Birth Cohort and in the Young Children Cohort and to develop the new technology platforms to autoantibody tests by Immunotron Ltd. 1365.
Marcus de Goffau presented the identification of gut microbial biomarkers related to the incidence of type 1 diabetes in children



Investigators Meeting in Tartu

June 2010

Principal Investigator Mikael Knip opens the meeting  
Estonia's National Investigator Vallo Tillmann and Study doctor Aleksandr Peet
Investigators and study personnel arriving the dinner place in the countryside of Tartu  
Study Nurses Pille Teesalu, Karin Laasik, Ene Täht, Study Coordinator Katriina Koski and Study Assistant Sille Vahtra




Study visits to Petrozavodsk

September 2012



Our Study Group with journalist Andrew Curry, who plans to write an article about our Study for the Smithsonian Magazine.

The meeting was held in the Ministry of Health and Social development, the Karelian Republic of Russian Federation hosted by Minister Valentina Ulish.




Dr. Tatyana Varlamova and professor Natalya Dorshakova at the Meeting.

The license DIABIMMUNE for the sample transportation was presented by professor Natalya Dorshakova.

Training for the Young Children Cohort at the Children’s Republic Hospital.


March 2012

Study Coordinator Katriina Koski and PI Mikael Knip on tea break in Petrozavodsk train cabin
At the meeting hosted by the Minister of Health Valentina Ulich , Karelian Republic of Russia
Young Children Cohort recruitment has started. Training session of the YCC staff at the Children Republic Hospital.


March 2011

Laboratory Nurse Kaarina Granström with PI Mikael Knip at St Petersburg station. Very fast train Allegro on background. From Helsinki to St Petersburg only 3.5 h.
Nutrition fellow Kirsi Alahuhta is going throug the nutritive data of the database
Nutritional empirical investigations are also important


September 2010

Dr. Mokurov presents the book of Karelian stones to PI Mikael Knip
Professor Jorma Ilonen poses with the statue of Finnish-born Soviet politician Otto-Ville Kuusinen
Discussion of the DIABIMMUNE samples at Petrozavodsk State University laboratory


September 2009

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First car dirive from Helsinki to Petrozavodsk
Karelian countryside
Study meeting at Children Republic Hospital

April 2009

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Coat of arms, Karelian republic of Russia
At the meeting with the Minister of Health, Karelian Republic of Russia
The delegation of our Study

August 2008

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Dr. Tatyana Varlamova (right), professor Natalya Dorshakova, Dr. Tatyana Karapetyan and Laboratory Technican Korgueva Antonina from Petrozavodsk State University
A new refrigerator was needed urgently at Petrozavodsk State University laboratory
Study Coordinator Eeva Pajakkala is training study personnel in Maternity Hospital




Training for nurces and doctors

Biomedicum Helsinki November 2008

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Nurces, doctors and study personnel
Trainers study nurses Taija Virta-Koskela and Anne Harilainen, Jorvi Hospital





Kick Off meeting in Biomedicum Helsinki 28-29.05.2008

Participants of the Kick of Meeting

Ecology of gut microbiota
Professor Gjalt W. Welling
University Medical Center Groningen, Netherlands

The natural history of allergy
Dr. Juliane Koburg
Munich University Children's hospital, Germany
Recruitmet and Follow up of the Study Cohorts
Professor Vallo Tillmann
Tartu University Hospital Children's clinic, Estonia
Petrozavodsk State University (PetrSU)
Professor Natalya Dorshakova
Petrozavodsk State University, Karelian republic of Russia
Russian Federation




Press Conference in Biomedicum Helsinki 28.05.2008

Principal Investigator Mikael Knip  
Investigators Anita Kondrasova and Heikki Hyöty
Representatives of the Press